What makes a “Blue Flame Founder”?

The blue flame burns the brightest and hottest.

In the VC world, there’s a wild pursuit for blue flame founders- those in their 20’s, with infinite energy, without a family to mind. The ideal investment candidate commits to nothing else but working- tirelessly, single-mindedly- all for the company.

But for us, blue flame founders transcend all that.

They give themselves to the world so whole-heartedly; every day is for leaving it a better place, for giving something meaningful to humanity.

They come not only with domain excellence and stellar achievements, but with a wealth of experiences, a thirst to learn, a life of purpose.

People and relationships they’ve built don’t slow them down- they’re the reasons to live and move farther.

Age can’t measure the depth of their wounds from the consequences of their decisions, the intensity of the storms they’ve weathered and risen from.

They’ve burnt out once, or many times. Energy is never infinite. They’ve fallen too hard, risked too much, that their only infinity is that spark of hope nothing and no one can ever put out.

The fire within them burns brighter in time, and will keep on to light up the world, long after the exits and profits, applauses and awards.

They are the blue flame founders.

Are you ready to be one?

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