The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the need for a better way forward. As part of our work with our alumni founders, we are looking to create links between our startups and the companies within the Metro Pacific group. Our startups focus on different SDGs such as Zero Hunger, Good Health, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Decent Work & Economic Growth, among others. We hope to bridge startups and corporations to enable greater collaboration and help heavily impacted and vulnerable families and communities. 

We have startups like BukidFresh and Cropital currently working with farmers, whose work has become even more important now that households across the country are looking to secure their livelihood and their food security; startups like Pandalivery and Grocery Genie, looking to deliver essential goods to our fellow Filipinos during these challenging times, providing a source of livelihood to people who may otherwise have been displaced by this pandemic; and startups like TarkieTaxumoTimefree1ExportIOLWELA, and Frontlearners, which are supporting the digitization of businesses, schools, and even local government units—a key process as the Philippines shapes its new normal.

These are just some examples of how our startups have been working and supporting communities through this pandemic. 

We would be happy to explore any partnerships or potential collaborations with your CSR and business teams. For more details, please contact our External Relations Manager, Eunice Braga, at eunice@ideaspacefoundation.org.
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