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Podcasting has gained traction over the past few years. With its many genres including health, lifestyle, arts, entertainment, education, music, and more, the medium has become a part of many people’s lives. To date, 95% of podcast listenership happens on Spotify, it’s how most  Filipinos easily access the podcasts that they like.

The thought of having your own podcast may have even crossed your mind. Right after that idea, questions like “How do I think of my podcast’s topic?” or “What type of equipment do I need?” must have come up.

Read further, and you will see tips and tricks from two up-and-coming podcasters, Joelle, known for her podcast Paano Kung… and can be found on Tiktok as @joelleohwell; and Mitch B, actress-turned-content creator with the podcast Cyber Crush! Both of these podcasts are Spotify exclusives.

Where Can I Record My Podcast?

When asked about when and where they record their podcasts, Mitch said that she records in her bedroom. She also uses video conferencing applications like Zoom when she has guests for certain episodes.

“I usually record solo episodes during the night. My brain is more active [at that time].”

Joelle on the other hand has two recording areas.

Either in my closet or my car! I’m saving up for the construction of a tiny recording booth, but people in the industry have been using these spaces to record for a while so this does the job for now. There’s a huge construction going on in the house behind us. If they’re not pounding away, I try to record in the morning. If not, I record at night.”

In terms of equipment, Mitch says that she used an Audio Technica microphone. Being a host and a VO artist, Joelle upgraded to a Shure MV7 mic, which she got in the US for $244.00. A good feature that she likes is that it can be used as a USB-C or XLR. She has also invested in a headset, the Audio Technica M40x which she bought at around P6,000.00. Previously, Joelle used an AT2020 and Behringer U-Phoria UM2 which was gifted to her.

Tips for Beginners 

Having gained more podcast knowledge of their own, Mitch and Joelle also share some tips and tricks that they have learned along the way that may be helpful to aspiring podcasters out there. 

Mitch recalls feeling nervous the first time she recorded for an episode. To cope with the nerves, she says she just imagined that she was on a call with her best friend.

“Be wary of the plosives!” Joelle emphasizes. She is talking about how we pronounce the Ps and the Bs in words. “Be familiar with your mic dynamics. Also, no matter how expensive your recording setup is, it wouldn’t matter if you don’t prepare your space.”

She recommends a closet as a good starting place, with clothes as the sound absorbers. Hitting save is important to remember, for the unexpected times the recording app or laptop will shut down. Also, smiling helps with recording.

“Start with what you know and what you’re passionate about!” Joelle adds. “Tell a story, be open to experimenting and exploring, and of course, have fun.”

What You Need To Know About Starting Your Own Podcast

When asked about what advice they would give to people who are thinking of starting their own podcasts, the two were encouraging.

“If you’re having doubts about what feedback you’re gonna get, don’t listen! At the end of the day, these are your thoughts and opinions don’t be afraid to open yourself up [to] more because you are gonna gain friends who also relate to you and you can help each other grow from thereon.” Mitch says.

Joelle echoes these sentiments. “There would be no way to know if you don’t try. The fears and worries will always be there, but you gotta make the decision to bet on yourself and do things [while] scared! That’s where the magic happens: GROWTH! Yes, it can be scary and overwhelming, but it’s also hella exciting.”

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