I’m a Filipino startup founder based abroad and I’d like to set up shop in the Philippines. Is the IdeaSpace program right for me?

Yes, as long as you have intentions of setting up operations in the Philippines and marketing your product or service to the Filipino market. Teams from other countries may apply must have at least one Filipino team lead. The IdeaSpace accelerator program involves learning sessions, workshops, mentoring, and regular check-ins. If your startup is at […]

I’m the only person in the company./I’m a solo founder. Do I qualify?

Yes, you may send an application with a solo member. However, please note you have until the pre-acceleration phase to find at least one co-founder. We highly recommend having  at least part-time co-founders, consultants, or employees, as the IdeaSpace program is rigorous and will test the startup team’s execution quotient in different areas.