IdeaSpace’s 7th Demo Day brought together 12 start-ups working in different industries such as e-commerce, real estate, construction, law, education, agriculture, logistics, travel and tourism, and finance.

MANILA, Philippines—Start-up accelerator IdeaSpace has organized its 7th Demo Day, introducing to the market 12 new start-ups with products, services, and platforms in industries such as e-commerce, real estate, construction, education, agriculture, logistics, travel and tourism, and finance.

The Demo Day is the culminating event of the IdeaSpace Accelerator Program, the organization’s flagship program which brings together entrepreneurs from across the country where they test their ideas, validate their market, finetune their financial model and operations, and improve their branding, marketing, and communication programs.

In addition, IdeaSpace has also announced a partnership with the Google Developers Launchpad program to support the start-ups under its portfolio.  

“There is no greater, more pressing task than eliminating poverty, providing jobs, and improving the wellbeing of people. Supporting start-ups can help do all of that,” said IdeaSpace President Butch Meily. “We can fundamentally change our economy by producing successful, sustainable start-ups. In doing so, they can create wealth for themselves, create jobs for the community and the rest of the country, and inspire future generations of Filipinos to create positive impact.” 

Hyperlocal platforms and solutions looking to showcase creativity, improve efficiency, and impact communities positively

One common thread running through this year’s batch of entrepreneurs and start-ups is the use of platforms and solutions to curate products, services, and experiences, improve business efficiency, and develop new consumer experiences. 

This year’s start-ups have focused on empowering local businesses, elevating the quality of education, improving access to information, optimizing customer experience, enabling future-ready logistics, and building connections and communities. 

The twelve start-ups presenting at this year’s Demo Day include: Airship Logistics, a ready-to-use, low-cost end-to-end solution built for courier companies to help them manage their day-to-day operations; Automart, an online car auction platform that ensures buyers and sellers the best price for used vehicles; BukidFresh, a farm-to-fork supply chain solution; Brooky, an AI-enabled marketing assistant for real estate developers and brokers; Cocotel, a technology-based, beach hotel co-brand aggregator; Contrack, a platform that connects home and business owners to accredited, local home and office improvement services providers; DCLA, an end-to-end computer learning scheme for basic education; ExperiencePH, a community travel platform that offers themed experiences that are fun, memorable and gamified; IOL, a gamified e-learning platform for business education; Olivia, a gamified expense tracker and investment tool for women; Omnibus, a cloud-based platform for legal practitioners; and Pandalivery, a hyperlocal delivery solution designed for the Philippine market. 

At the end of the acceleration program, IdeaSpace will be involving the start-ups in its alumni program, where they can have access to additional resources such as mentors, office space, business matching and funding via the organization’s Opportunity Fund. 

“The Philippines is a young ecosystem and we need to provide the foundation and resources necessary for our start-ups to create value and thrive,” shared IdeaSpace Executive Director Diane Eustaquio. “Our work doesn’t end with the acceleration program, our goal is to continue providing the support that they need to become viable businesses, secure sustainable partnerships, and grow even outside of the region.” 

A milestone for IdeaSpace and the Philippine start-up ecosystem 

One key partnership that will be important to IdeaSpace and its acceleration program moving forward is the Google Developers Launchpad program. IdeaSpace was recently named as the program’s newest addition to the Powered by Launchpad program, which is composed of incubators and accelerators from across the world.

Under the program, IdeaSpace and all of the 91 start-ups under its portfolio will have access to Google’s resources. With IdeaSpace now accepting applications for its 2020 competition, Eustaquio believes that the partnership will help them equip entrepreneurs with the skills, resources, and network necessary for them to build successful businesses. 

“We’re excited to have Google supporting IdeaSpace and the local start-up ecosystem. As the Philippine ecosystem matures, we will need deeper, more extensive corporate-start-up engagements such as the Developers Launchpad program to help our entrepreneurs and innovators upskill, scale, and compete,” added Eustaquio. “This partnership supports our mission of leveraging technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship to improve the quality of life and well-being of Filipinos across the country and the world.”
IdeaSpace is now accepting applications for its 2020 competition. For more information, log on to: https://ideaspacefoundation.org/apply.html.

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