Building Your Team: How to Find the Right Co-Founder and Employees

According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, 65% of startups fail because of people problems, particularly due to problems between co-founders. A good co-founder and a strong team with a collaborative dynamic have proven essential to a startup’s success.  This month’s Grit & Grind will focus on how to find co-founders and employees […]

BusinessWorld Insights Sparkup Entrep SeriesJune 24 and 30, 2020

As the world came to a standstill because of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across different sectors and industries struggled to survive. The micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) sector is among the most affected, and to support them as they embrace change and innovation, BusinessWorld’s SparkUp will be holding its BusinessWorld Insights SparkUp Entrep Series […]

IdeaSpace seeks collaborations between startups, CSR teams, and business units

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the need for a better way forward. As part of our work with our alumni founders, we are looking to create links between our startups and the companies within the Metro Pacific group. Our startups focus on different SDGs such as Zero Hunger, Good Health, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Decent […]

Innovation Mornings: Planetary Health and COVID-19

Last year, IdeaSpace introduced Innovation Mornings, an exclusive talk for the employees and leaders of the First Pacific group.  On April 29, 2020, we held our first Innovation Mornings session for the year, focusing on planetary health and its connection to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Over 40 participants took part in our first Innovation Mornings […]

IdeaSpace collaborates with PwC, DTI, and QBO for COVID-19 Startup Survey

In February, PwC published the Philippine Startup Survey, which showed promising data on the growth of startups in the Philippines. However, the disruption brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic caused major changes throughout the Philippine startup landscape. In light of this, PwC conducted a new survey with the Department of Trade and Industry, QBO, and IdeaSpace, […]

Our partnership with Google

Last year, we announced that we have partnered with Google’s Powered by Launchpad program. Google has recently folded all of its programs, including the Powered by Launchpad program, into its Google for Startups program, consolidating all of its startup-related activities under one platform. This gives IdeaSpace access to a larger network and to the resources […]

IdeaSpace launches Opportunity Fund for Philippine startups

MANILA, Philippines, March 11, 2020—Philippine start-up accelerator IdeaSpace has formally launched an Opportunity Fund to invest in startups within and outside of the IdeaSpace portfolio. The Opportunity Fund aims to cater to early stage to pre-series A startups, particularly to founders who may be looking for funding to help make key business and strategic decisions.  […]